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Formerly known and incorporated in 1987 as IGVIN INVESTCO LTD with RC No. 105381, specializes in offering an integrated maritime services such as freight forwarding, shipping and haulage operations; logistics, procurement and marine services in Oil and Gas sector. .

In every industry, companies need to focus on achieving higher productivity and efficiency in each individual market. This can only be achieved with a provider who knows the specific requirements of the relevant industry. Each industry has its own special requirements for achieving its highest industrial productivity. You can count on us anyday, anytime.


To be a leading, trusted and dependable marine solution and logistics company of our time. To stand out in our market as the most professionally operated company globally.

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To uphold a high standard of expertise and innovation in all our projects and dealings; To be exceptional in the performance of our corporate responsibilities to our society.


We provide multi-disciplinary and comprehensive professional services that enable our clients to succeed across a wide range of goals regardless of size, scope or complexity.


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