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We provide multi-disciplinary and comprehensive professional services that enable our clients to succeed across a wide range of goals regardless of size, scope or complexity. We have the professionals and technical-know-how to understand the dynamics of your business and the services to support your entire supply chain with integrated end-to-end solution from procurement and pick-up of raw materials to the delivery at your destination. Our Services therefore, can be categorized as follows:

  • Freight Forwarding (air, sea and land)
  •      » Warehousing
  •      » Logistics Provision
  •      » Packaging and Removal
  •      » Transportation 

  • Official Custom Duty Payment
  • Through the use of our NDCC, we are able to offer discount and deferment on payment of Customs’ duty. This service will make you have an edge over your competitors whereby we make you to spend less, and maximize profit. Our reason for this service is to provide unsurpassed superior services to customers

  • Oil Field Marine/Maritime Services
  •      » Berthing of vessels
  •      » Vessel Hiring and Leasing
  •      » Boat Services
  •      » House Boats, Tugs, Barges, etc

  • Shipping Services
  •      » Ship Charterers
  •      » Ship Managers
  •      » Port Agents
  •      » Protective Agency
  •      » Cargo Documentation Experts
  • Sales and Facilitation of Crude Allocation
  • Another fascinating thing about Cedargate is that we do not feel exhausted from being of service to you. Hence we serve you with sales and distribution of petroleum products. We also have an arrangement to get you an OFFICIAL ALLOCATION for the sales and distribution of petroleum products, like PMS, DPK, AGO, LPFO..
  • General procurement
  • Mining, Dredging, Quarry and Oil Field
  • Engineering Services and Petroluem etc